Do something uncomfortable

Over the past 4 years I’ve found myself trying many different things with drumming online. I’ve gone from creating a drumming blog for news, product reviews, a podcast, and eventually even a daily vlog earlier this year.

Looking back I can see that each avenue was a stepping stone for the next. Those were uncomfortable moments that I made myself try. I was afraid of talking into a camera or a microphone because I felt maybe I wouldn’t be taken serious because of this “country” accent ha! I learned in the process that if you’re putting out the right information and education then the rest will be overshadowed. It’s made me more confident in myself and in my actions.

The blog, podcast, and vlog all have been tools for education and inspiration to not only those who read, listen, and watch…. but also myself.

We sometimes shy away from those uncomfortable moments when we should walk straight into them. You never know what you may learn or how much better you may become in the end.

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