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Coming up as a kid I had few options to choose from when it came to choosing a career in drumming. You could be a band director, get a musical performance degree, make it big in a band, or work in retail. Today there are more opportunities than ever to make a career from drumming. That’s where this podcast comes in. I want to share with you insight from members of our community who are making a career from drumming. You will hear stories from working drummers, drum educators, drum builders, cymbal makers, photographers, artists, and much more! My hope is that these interviews inspire and educate the listener so that they might get out and chase their dreams of making a lifelong career in doing something that they love!

Behind The Kit is a podcast dedicated to everything drumming and the drum community! Brought to you by A publication that brings you Interviews, education, and community!


 Join the discussion on facebook! Behind The Kit Podcast is more than just a podcast, it’s a community of drummers, educators, companies, and enthusiasts that share the same passion… Drums!! Join our private group to talk about recent episodes and share your thoughts on topics we discuss on each episode.


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“Behind The Kit Podcast” is a publication est.2015

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