Feeling guilty for putting your craft on the back burner?

You’ve been killing it lately! Posting your drum videos to social media, practicing non stop, reading all of the drum blogs, and listening to all of the drum related podcasts… Then something catches your attention and you have found yourself filling up your time doing something else… Almost feels like cheating and it’s blissful for the moment but then you feel the guilt set in. Ever go through that?

Recently I moved to a new city not too far from my last place. Here there is a massive lake and tons of things to do outside where there wasn’t that option before. I have now found myself spending most of my time outside whereas before I was stuck inside behind a computer for hours. This new place has me out riding my bike almost everyday and swimming. That just reminds me… I need to get some fishing in as well 😉

So these things aren’t bad at all. I’m feeling healthier than I ever have before! I am more active and feeling alive with a change of pace. There’s just one thing…. I’ve dropped off a bit from the norm, practicing drums everyday and posting to social media on the reg. It’s actually been super pleasant and rewarding but there is this nagging feeling of guilt in the back of my mind. I’ve been neglecting my craft more so than usual. Is that terrible? Should I punish myself? Of course not!

As human beings we should invite new “things” and experiences to change it up a bit. I feel we sometimes say we’re only one thing and never feel comfortable with the idea of going off the beaten path, or learning something new. With that being said I also believe in balance.

I’m now well adjusted to my new home and am finding balance between my passion (drumming), and my new hobby (bike riding). These so called “seasons” happen to everyone and it’s nothing to panic over. In my case I found something that has improved my mental and physical health that can be incorporated back into my drumming. It’s something I think needed to happen to give me a new outlook on what I’m doing and why I am doing it.

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