Lesson Of The Week – Hybrid Rudiment: Book Report (Breakdown)

Book Report


The Book Report is an accented single paradiddle with added partials (diddles/flams).

Step 1: We need to know what a paradiddle is first. Learn the hand pattern RLRR LRLL. Once you have that down then add an accent to the first note of each paradiddle like so… Rlrr Lrll.


Step 2: Adding the flam to the accented single paradiddle. The flam will be placed on the 3rd note of each paradiddle. Make sure that you keep the stick height low while playing these flams. These aren’t accented but you still need to be able to distinguish if it’s a right-handed, or left-handed flam. This also is another hybrid rudiment called the Choo-Choo. There’s another one to add to your repertoire 😉


Step 3: Adding the diddles. This is the final step in building our Book Report. We add the diddle onto the 1st and 4th note of each paradiddle. Note that the first diddle is accented. That is the only accent that we play in this hybrid rudiment. Be sure to keep your stick heights low otherwise.


Take each step slowly with a metronome and try playing in front of a mirror to monitor your stick heights. Hope this breakdown helps you in obtaining another hybrid rudiment to your bag. Happy drumming!

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