Sightreading #1

First you have an eighth rest on “1” and come in on the “and” of 1 followed by a full sixteenth set on 2 (2 e +a). Next you have a sixteenth rest on 3 where you immediately come in on the “e” of 3. You must speak the “e” as a longer value since its dotted and holding the duration of “e + a”. Last, a sixteenth note combination spoken and played as “4— + a”. Since the “e” isn’t present you speak the 4 as “fouuuur + a”, holding it to take the place of the “e”.

Hope you can find some value in this. I’m hoping to get people posting videos of themselves playing these each week. Maybe create a hashtag for this series as well. I’m hoping to help others with understanding reading rhythms better and becoming more familiar with the many symbols used in notation. Look for these to be posted each week here and on social media.

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