Skype Lessons


I have been teaching private lessons in my hometown since 2003 and recently wanted to offer my services to more than just my locals. I am now offering Skype lessons to drummers from all around the world!

For the beginning drummer

Ready to start your journey with drums? I can provide you with the tools to build a great foundation to help you for years to come! We will study proper hand technique, reading drum notation, rudiments, and much more!

For the intermediate to advanced drummer

Are you wanting to learn how to read music, or Improve your reading skills? Work on technique? Rudiments? Hybrid Rudiments? I can help you reach your goals to having better hands and a better understanding of drum notation!

Topics covered for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced lessons

  • reading (quarter, whole, half, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, thirty second notes, rests, dynamics, repeats, etc.)
  • technique and grips (american, french, german, moeller, finger technique)
  • rudiments (paradiddles, flams, rolls, ruffs, ratamaques, single stroke roll, double stroke roll, etc.)
  • hybrid rudiments (combing two or more rudiments together such as cheeselets, book report, etc.)
  • partials (adding diddles, flams, flam diddles, and more to notes)
  • dynamics (playing soft to loud, crescendo, decrescendo, etc.)
  • stick height (using the height of the tip of the stick in relation to the drum head for dynamics and visuals)


30 minutes = $20

45 minutes = $32

1 hour = $40

$10 (1)


What you need to get started!

  • Skype account
  • PayPal account
  • Practice Pad
  • Drumsticks

If you don’t have Skype or PayPal you can click on the links provided below to sign up.







How the sign up process works

  1. You will need to email me with the subject line titled “Skype Lessons” so we can have a consultation about where you are at with your drumming, figure out our primary goal based on your skill level, picking a schedule that works best for you, and  payment for the lesson.
  2. Next, I will send you an email with the PayPal link to pay for the lesson.
  3. After payment is made you will receive a downloadable PDF file of material that we will be covering as well as my Skype contact information, and the date of the lesson.
If you are interested in signing up for Skype lessons please email me at