Sevendust – Decay (Drum Cover) By Matt Dudley

It’s taken me years to build up the courage to record and post a drum cover on YouTube. I’ve always worried that I wouldn’t do the song any justice, or worried that I’d get called out on not playing a specific part to a tee. It was all based on fear. What a terrible thing to let take charge over our happiness. I loved playing these songs in my practice space by myself but figured it was time to try something new. This is more than just a drum cover, it’s a way for me to conquer my fear and to just play for the sake of sheer enjoyment. You can’t go wrong there. I hope this inspires someone else out there to break those chains and not worry about what the “trolls” of the internet think, or are going to write below. Keep blasting forward! Hope you enjoy this! I had a blast playing to this one.

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