Do it for the love of the motions – Just simply do!

What is it that first got you into drums? Do you remember? Do you remember that first thought of “I think I can do this!” or “I have to do this!”?

I remember my moment like it was yesterday. I was eight years old and I was staying at a friend’s house. My friends older sister was there watching MTV and Metallica’s music video “One” was on. I stopped doing what I was doing and stood about two feet from the television. The song was at the bridge where Lars Ulrich starts playing that awesome double bass part. DUG A DA DUG A DA DUT, DUG A DA DUG A DA DUT! It was like a subliminal message being hammered into my head! They even pan the camera angle so you could see his feet play that part! What!? Are you kidding me!? That was the coolest thing ever and somewhat a non intentional marketing scheme. Of course I want to wear black bicycle shorts, grow out my hair and play drums just like that! I was hooked from that moment on. I had to do this!

I want to hear your story! Share your story in the comment section. Try to remember what fueled you to play for the first time versus why you still play today. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that moment. Just have fun! No thought of how many students do I need or what endorsement deal is out there. Just do it for the love of the motions, just simply do!


3 responses to “Do it for the love of the motions – Just simply do!

  1. I used sleep with my drum and sticks as a child. The first moment I can remember is seeing Ringo in the movie HELP in 65. That was all it took.


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