Trial (teaser)

#trialtransitionadvance (1)

I have been composing a score since 2010. I wrote, produced, and recorded all of the songs and had a few of my friends help co write, and make guest appearances. This has been a long journey but I feel it’s time to finally finish it up and release it. The project is currently being mixed and mastered and will be up on all major platforms soon such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and many more. Release date TBA.

I’ve decided to call the album Trial/Transition/Advance.

Trial: For the trials and hardships we face in this thing called life.

Transition: The moment we start to gain an understanding of what has happened, and what “is” happening, and finally take that step towards transitioning to the next phase.

Advance: Moving forward.

Trial (teaser)

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