It’s Official! I’m an independent artist for Los Cabos Drumsticks!









A while back I had the opportunity to talk with Phil Guay of Los Cabos Drumsticks on Behind The Kit Podcast. We talked about the history of the company, how they conduct business, handle artist relations, what actually goes into making Los Cabos sticks, and most importantly their relationship with their artists. After the interview Phil sent me some sticks to try out and a practice pad. I was blown away by the quality of each pair and the durability! Still using these sticks a few month’s later, I contacted Phil to tell him about my thought’s on the sticks and asked how I could become a part of the Los Cabos family. The rest is history!

I am now an American Independent Artist for Los Cabos Drumsticks!


Today I’d like to say that I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing company and also a group of artists that share the same passion as I do! These truly are amazing sticks that help me get the job done between teaching, coaching drum lines, doing sessions, and playing shows with my two bands!


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