New Episodes Coming In 2016 From Behind The Kit Podcast!

The holidays are approaching and there are many things to do and get wrapped up. With that being said there won’t be any new episodes for the next two weeks. I hate to take a break but it’s much-needed with everything I have going on. I am in the process of scheduling interviews for January and will have some great content to share with you guys and gals! This also gives all of the new listeners a chance to catch up on older episodes 😉 I’m excited for what’s coming next!

I greatly appreciate everyone that listens to and supports the podcast. January marks the one year anniversary for Behind The Kit Podcast! Without you this podcast would have never been an idea in the first place. This is a labor of love to share with the drumming community to help answer some questions, inspire, and educate! Behind The Kit Podcast is community driven and will always be just that! My hope is that at least one person can take something from each episode and apply it to their life and make a difference.

Here’s to a new year and a new beginning!

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