Tap 7& 7

While going through roll rudiments recently I started to grow fond of the 7 stroke roll. It’s one that I never spent much time with but can see some technical benefits from this rudiment. Besides the standard 7 stroke roll there is also the tap 7 which starts with the accented note first. My thoughts… Let’s combine the two together and create an exercise.

Download The Free PDF Tap 7&7

In this exercise we will go through each rudiment (Tap 7/7 stroke roll) then combine the two together for a great exercise for stick heights and control.


Tap 7

Starting off with the downstroke followed by tap strokes for all the diddles. Be sure to keep the accented right down after the hit so that you are in position for the right handed diddle. Keep everything low except for the accented note.


7 Stroke Roll

The 7 stroke roll will start off with diddles and end with the accented left. Again keep everything low until you reach the last accented left.


Now that we have both rudiments down let’s place the two together to form the exercise! We will be playing four Tap 7’s and four 7 stroke rolls which will come together quite nicely. Repeat as many times as you like.

Take time to work through each rudiment gaining familiarity and comfort, then move on to the main exercise. Practice slowly and pay close attention to those stick heights! Make sure when you play the accented notes (Down Strokes) that you keep the stick low after the hit. Don’t let it rebound back up. The downstroke needs to stop low so that you set yourself up for the tap stroke immediately after.

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