Beginner Exercises For Building Hand Technique – Finger Exercise

Here is a simple exercise to engage your fingers. This is an exercise that you can do while watching your favorite show and relaxing on the couch.

Step 1. You want to create your fulcrum/pivot point. Use the side of your thumb and middle knuckle of the index finger to make a stationary pivot point.

Step 2. Wrap your index finger around the stick to where the tip of the finger is wrapped around like if you had your finger on a trigger of a gun.

Step 3. Use the tips of each finger individually to press the stick down while keeping the finger on the stick and keeping the weight of the tip engaged.

Step 4. Try engaging two finger groupings, 3 finger groupings, and then all fingers.

Practice these movements slow and aim to be very precise. Speed will follow as you become more comfortable.

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