Live Lesson #10 (Paradiddle-diddle Technique)

In today’s live lesson we are working on a bounce technique to improve the speed and efficiency of your Paradiddle-diddles.

Step 1. The first two strokes are crucial to setting up your hands for the next position. First we start with a right-handed down stroke followed by a left-handed tap stroke. Be sure not to let the right-handed down stroke come back up. Practice playing (R l) as the example shows in the video.

Step 2. After the first two strokes we have two sets of diddles (rr ll). Practice dropping the first two (rr) and letting them just multiple bounce.

Step 3. After getting comfortable with dropping the first two diddles tighten up the fulcrum and try to get two bounces in time (rr). Once you have control with bouncing those diddles add the two lefts (ll). Now the pattern is complete.

Step 4. Practice looping the pattern. You’ll notice when bringing the right-handed down stroke back that it makes a whip movement. Like the Moeller whip. Practice slowly at 30 to 40 BPM as 16th notes on a metronome and give your brain time to record the motor function. Once you have the right-handed Paradiddle-diddle down move on to the Left hand (L r l l r r).


The exercise

Now that you have the pattern down let’s add an exercise into the mix. We are going to play two Paradiddle-diddles and a single Paradiddle starting with the right then moving into the left. The single Paradiddle makes it possible to switch between the right and left hand versions.

R l r r l l, R l r r l l, R l r r, L r l l r r, L r l l r r, L r l l

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