Live Lesson #9 (Paradiddle Technique)

The single Paradiddle… it’s just a simple hand pattern? Yes, but we need to know the proper mechanics of tackling this rudiment efficiently.

Step 1. We have an accented single paradiddle. With that being said we have to utilize the Four Basic Stroke Types. The first stroke of each paradiddle has an accent which would be a down stroke, then followed by three tap strokes. When you increase your speed you’ll see that the 2nd note turns into an up stroke which creates a fluid movement. Be sure to keep all tap strokes around 2-3″. Also… end your down strokes at the same height. I suggest playing in front of a mirror or front facing camera. Practice the stroke types/mechanics at 20 BPM set at 16th notes and give your brain time to record the motor functions. This is crucial before following the next step.

Step 2. Dropping diddles… that’s right… I said dropping diddles lol! We want to drop the two rights and the two lefts to get a double bounce. This is what makes this approach efficient being that we completely drop out a stroke from the pattern and let the rebound do the work for us. See the Live Lesson above for a more in-depth explanation of dropping diddles…

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