Twitter Moments and how I use it


For those of you that are fans of twitter and can’t get enough of it I figured I would share this post with you on how I use the “moments” feature. It’s almost like replicating my blog which makes it easier for my followers to find my posts on specific topics, as well as tweets that play an important factor towards my mission of education, interviews, and community.


If you don’t know what Twitter “moments” is then click the links below.

About –

creating a moment –

How I use Twitter moments

With “moments” you can save tweets and compile them into an orderly fashion for people to go back to. Almost like topics on a blog post right? Hmmm… That’s where I thought to compile these organized folders (moments) for my followers to easily find previous lessons, polls, pics from certain events, and quotes.

My Moments consist of…

Teaching: Tweets from my lessons with students.

Music I’m listening to: A collection of bands, artists, albums, and songs I’m listening to.

Gigs – Rehearsals – Writing: Pics and video from gigs I have played, rehearsals and writing sessions.

Quotes: Quotes for motivation and wisdom.

Polls: Polls taken for topics on drumming, music, business, and life in general.

Lesson Of The Week: A collection of free lessons based on Hybrid Rudiments, Exercises, Grooves, and more!

Try it!

So if you are looking for a way to get more out of your twitter account this is an easy way, and you can share these anytime you like with a simple copy and paste, or with the provided “tweet” button located at the top of each moment. Get organized and give your followers another way to find your past important posts and start gaining some traffic to your blog from this free feature!


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