Lesson Of The Week: Looking at the Paradiddle – Diddle in a different way


I was thinking about how we learn rudiments and how sometimes we figure out our own way of interpreting them. It’s different for each of us and that’s what makes playing this instrument so cool! In this case I wanted to share how I interpret the Paradiddle – Diddle. This is just a different way to think of the rudiment that may help some of you understand the mechanics a little better.

Step 1.

We first start with the accented right (down stroke) and the left (tap stroke). Be sure to keep the left low and when you come down on that accented right keep it low as well, don’t let the right kick back. This is going to set you up for the next step.

Step 2.

Now you are going to play a five stroke roll (rr ll R). When you do so try to drop the two rights, and the two lefts. Let them bounce instead of stroking each note. This will prove to be more efficient as you increase your speed.

Now with the two steps paired together you can play the Paradiddle – Diddle singular (just once) or connect it as a continuous flowing roll. Try it out and have fun!

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