Lesson Of The Week: Looking at the Single Paradiddle in a different way


Knowing the basic stroke types can help you position your hands to executing rudiments properly. In this case we rely solely on the Down Stroke, Tap Stroke, and bounce.

Step 1.

We first start with an accented right or “Down Stroke” that once played remains low to the pad, or surface we are striking. Next we should already have the left low to the surface in order to play our Tap Stroke.

Step 2. 

Now you should have the right hand positioned low to the surface after the Down Stroke to be able to execute the next step. With the tip of the stick low we are going to drop the two rights by dipping our wrist downward and leaving enough room on the backside of our hand to let the stick bounce. This completely eliminates a stroke and will make the process more efficient.

I hope this lesson helps you and makes the process easy! Try practicing bounce control with each hand to get used to the feel. Practice perfect and have fun!

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