Lesson Of The Week – Hybrid Rudiment: Flam 5 (Breakdown)

Flam 5

Untitled design (1)


The flam 5 is a flam accent with a 5 stroke roll feel. Imagine either playing a flam accent with cheese on the first note, and a diddle on the 2nd note, or a 5 stroke roll with a flam added on the first diddle. Which way would be easiest for you to see it?

Step 1: Play a 5 stroke roll which would be rrll rllrr l. Now try the flam accent. It’s best to understand this from both sides so be sure you can play both.

21-flam-accent (1)

Step 2: Add a grace note on to the first note of each 5 stroke roll which would make that a cheese. Thinking about it as the flam accent you want to diddle the first and second note of the flam accent which completes the flam 5.

Untitled design (1)

Remember to watch your stick heights and have fun!

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