What I’m Listening To… Thrice – Alchemy Index Vols I & II Fire & Water


Thrice – Alchemy Index Vols I &II: Fire & Water (2007)

Drummer: Riley Breckenridge

So much to be said about this album. The titles Fire & Water give you an idea of what you are about to experience. Fire is built upon heavily over driven guitar parts, hard-hitting rock patterns on the drums, and raspy vocals. Fire Breather opens the door with this massive wall of sound hitting you hard right from the get-go while Water takes a different approach sonically. Instead of being heavy the soundscape is created with digital elements, reverb, and delay. Digital Sea grabs you in the chorus while Night Diving makes you feel as if you are living out the title, and The Whaler features some amazing vocal harmonies that smack you right in the feels. These are just a few tracks that got me hooked!

Take a listen and tell me what you think. This is one of my favorite albums, a top 5 or 10 in my rotation.

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