4-3-2 Exercise Featured On Drumitinaminute.com


A while back I had seen this website pop up from time to time on twitter called drumitinaminute.com. It was a site that puts out free drum lessons to the public. These lessons only last one minute and are broken down to the bare bones. Seeing this site sparked my interest so I contacted drumitinaminute on twitter and found out how the process worked to see if I could possibly come up with a lesson to share.

As time went on I procrastinated and, or just forgot about it. Months later I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Powers (episode #33) and came to find out that Mark owned drumitinaminute.com which I did not know lol! We talked after our interview and I apologized for taking so long to get back with him about doing a lesson. Now it’s finally happened and long over due!

You can check it out below along with many other great lessons from other educators!


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