Lowboy Beaters Introduces Their Custom Beater Builder!



lowboybeaters.com have just introduced on their site the new Custom Beater Bulder!

Have you ever sat down at your computer on a custom drum set website and built your dream kit from start to finish? How about a custom bass drum beater? Now you can! lowboybeaters.com now have the very first custom bass drum beater builder option on their site and have given you a palette of colors, and custom engraving options to make your very own one of a kind custom bass drum beater!

You can choose from three templates to get started

  • Single Color Beater With Painted Stripes
  • Multi-Color Beater With Painted Stripes
  • Single Color Beater Without Stripes

Once you have chosen a template you are able to fully customize your beater with the following options

  • No Engraving
  • Monogrammed Shield With Your Initials
  • Custom Text
  • Laser Engraved Logo

You can choose from a vast array of base colors, stripe colors, and engraving options for those of you wanting your initials, monogrammed shield, or band logo. There is also the option to save your work to come back to later. You can also download, or print your beater image to show off to others.

Start building your one of a kind custom beater today! Head over to the Custom Beater Builder and try it out!


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