Lesson Of The Week – Accents And Pressure #5 (3’s/Flam Accents/Cheeselets)


Accents And Pressure #5 (3’s/Flam Accents/Cheeselets)

Adding Hybrid rudiments to the mix! Again the accent lies on 1, 2, 3, and 4. Even though it’s based on triplets you have to pay attention to all of the partials (diddles/flams). The first measure has a 5 stroke roll feel to it introducing the diddles. Going into the second measure you have to be careful hitting the last two diddles leading into the flam on beat one. This is where the flam accents come in and then are shortly turned into the hybrid rudiment “The Cheeselet” on beat three. Practice slowly focusing on stick height and each rudiment then speed up by 10 BPM. Have fun!

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