The Musician’s 10,000-hour Practice Log & Journal: By Mark Powers

The Musician’s 10,000-Hour Practice Log & Journal

By Mark Powers

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This practice journal makes the recording of information hassle free! It’s laid out in such a way that it doesn’t take long to jot down the details from your session.

Just a few details that I like…

Right at the beginning after you enter the date you are asked what type of “mood/energy”. I think this is great considering that our mood has so much to do with what kind of practice session we are going to have. Maybe you were on that day cause you were energetic and happy, or you didn’t have a great session cause your mood was blah… Cool detail to look back on and gauge what might have held you back.

“Goals/Plan” section gets right to the point of what and why you are practicing.

“Positives and Negatives” gives you a chance to be honest with yourself about what improvements you noticed during your session and what were the things that you felt didn’t go as well.

The “Notes & Comments” section lets you reflect on the session and jot down any details or notes that could help you make more improvements for the next practice time.

And last but certainly not least… There are inspirational quotes at the bottom of each page. I’m sure Mark took the time to gather some of the greatest! Reading a quote can ignite a fire inside you, it can help you to see things differently, it could make the difference in your session that day. Such an awesome little detail to add such a huge impact.

I think The Musician’s 10,000-Hour Practice Log & Journal is a great tool for any musician or student! I really haven’t used many practice journals from anyone other than just a plain notebook but this is a breath of fresh air! It makes everything very easy and organized. It inspires me to be a better note taker during my practice sessions which in turn causes me to step back and reflect more on the time spent practicing. Mark you really did a great job on this one!

Buy this book! Get organized! Get Inspired! Get Better!

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