Triple/Double Paradiddle Groove

R l R l R l r r   L r l r l l

This groove is one I fell upon while experimenting with different Paradiddle combinations. It’s simply just playing a Triple Paradiddle and a Double Paradiddle. Where the challenge lies is within the technique and the displacement of the pattern. Let’s take a closer look…

Step 1.

When playing the Triple Paradiddle and Double Paradiddle the first call to action is to remember the four basic stroke types. By utilizing the stroke types it will help you keep the right stick heights for the best dynamic result. “Keep those tap strokes low!”

Step 2.

Applying the pattern as a groove to the kit. You will simply play the pattern between the hi-hat and snare placing all the right hands on the hats and all the lefts on the snare. We will also be adding a kick on every right hand.

Step 3.

Displacement… try moving the pattern around the kit on different surfaces. In this case I displaced the pattern between the hi hat and stacker. Be creative and see what you can come up with.

Have fun!

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