Stop worrying about the “views” and the “likes”

Recently I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve been thinking as to why I post content on this blog and social media. What’s the reason for putting in the time and effort to share this content with all of you? Is it to go viral? Is it to make tons of money? Is it for you to like me more than you already do?

We get tangled up in this head game that we have to please everyone and at the same time, be seen by everyone. We have this thought to feel important and maybe even famous. This mindset can ruin your true purpose to what it is you are passionate about. In this case… its drums and music in general.

A while back I had a conversation with a good friend I have made online through our awesome drum community and it was about the topic of trying to build up an Instagram account. The topics I mentioned to this friend were…

“I’m posting every day and still not seeing numbers”

“My last video had this many views and the newest one just tanked…”

It sounds so stupid reading it now lol! Why!? Why should I be worried about this? My friend calmly told me his perspective on posting. He added…

*Consider these platforms as a time capsule, a way to look back on the work and art you have created.

*Look at how many relationships you have built in the process. Those are the biggest payoff!

*Is your content based on helping people and building the community?

After we finished our chat I was almost embarrassed at how I have been trying to achieve some kind of status online, or trying to be proud of the numbers… Who cares!? This should be something meant to help people and it should be done for the enjoyment of, guess who? You!

Think of your Instagram account like an art gallery for your work. Think of twitter as this hangout where you can meet new friends to talk about life and common interests. etc… When we do things for the right reason we end up being much happier individuals in the long run. The truth shines through everything at some point and I’d much rather be comfortable in my own skin than to try to be something that I’m not.

Why am I writing this? Well… it’s for me to look back on the next time I start worrying about numbers and metrics. It’s for the next time I think I need to post a drum cover because I think someone will like it a lot since it’s the flavor of the week. It’s also for those of you who are wondering the same thing that I am talking about here. We are artists and we should be true to ourselves and the people around us. we should follow who we are and not try to imitate for the sake of fame. I’m not telling you what to do but only suggesting to those who get tangled up in this web to stop and think about why, and what you are investing your energy into at the end of the day. I’m going to try to hold myself accountable when these thoughts arise and remember again why am I doing this.


2 responses to “Stop worrying about the “views” and the “likes”

  1. Right on! Lately, I have been a big fan of the idea of NOT trying to please everyone, but rather doing that I want to do, and then finding the audience who appreciates that. I like your idea of how to think of Twitter and Instagram – as time capsules, and for future reference. Thank you for voicing this idea so well.

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