Pre-Order My New Album!

I Will be releasing my very first full length album on June 13, 2017!

I started working on this project in 2006 and throughout the years wrote some instrumental songs with great friends. This album is meant to be listened to from start to finish for which it has a theme trial transition advance.

A dream that is also a reality for some. A look at a life of trials that leads to the transition to adapt and advance through adversity.

This album is very special to me. I was given a recording interface in 2006 by Dr. Don Peacock to use in my leisure. A tool to educate myself on how to record, and that I did. I learned a lot about writing and recording and ended up creating many pieces accompanied by my close friends. I consider this album a journey for myself. A look back at what I have learned not only in music, but in life. A collection of moments with friends.

Pre-Order now and receive 2 tracks before the release date above on the player!

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