What I’m Listening To… He Is Legend – It Hates You


He Is Legend – It Hates You (2009)

Drummer: Steven Bache

This album takes me back to when I was in drumline at UNCP in 09. This album kept me company on my hour drives to and from. It’s a modern approach to what He Is Legend has been known for with a kick to the face! Schuyler’s lyrics again take us on a visual journey telling each story in detail. The guitar parts range from softer cleans to growling, distorted, goodness… Yes… goodness… Steve Bache is rhythmic powerhouse on this album. I have been a fan of Steve’s playing for a while now and on this effort he definitely surpassed my expectations. There’s a “bounce” to his grooves that you wouldn’t commonly hear in this genre. When he needs to be heavy to play precise double kick parts he’s got it. When he needs to lay down a groove and sit in the pocket with bassist Matt Williams he can do it, and he can do it as smooth and classy as you could ask for.

Take some time to check out the track below if you aren’t familiar with these guys. It’s a great album that can suit your listening needs even if you aren’t into heavier music. I’m sure you can find something beneficial from this album to take with you. If anything, you will leave with a great appreciation from the rhythm section ;). Did I also mention these guys are locals from my area?

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