Can You Clean Drumtacs With Just Water?

The other day I was setting my drums up from a recent gig I did out-of-town and I wanted to try out some different tunings. This involved taking the drumtacs off numerous times and sitting them down wherever in between tuning. I also should mention that these tacs are about seven months old and look like a rat has chewed through them from students and myself. To make a long story short this one tac started to lose it’s tackiness and kept flying off of the drumhead. Didn’t mean it was bad and needed to be thrown away but it just needed a bath.

On the back of the drumtacs package they call for you to clean with rubbing alcohol but I couldn’t find any at the studio where I teach. I thought… maybe water would clean it enough. It did! That’s all the tac needed to be like new again. I re-applied it on the rack tom, struck the drum, and even pulled on the tac to see if it would move… nothing! These things are like those face huggers from Alien. Did I mention that they are durable? Check out the video below and if you haven’t tried drumtacs yet please do so by visiting

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