What I’m Listening To… The American Dollar – A Memory Stream


The American Dollar – A Memory Stream (2008)

Drummer: John Emanuele

I remember really diving into this album after a close friend of mine shared it with me sitting in my vehicle one night. The best memory from this album was on a summer night out on the lake fishing with some friends as the opening track The Slow Wait, Part 1 started to play. I remember being blown away by the mood created from the track along with the starry landscape that surrounded my friends and I on the boat that night. That’s the thing about A Memory Stream that grabbed me from the start, the mood and atmosphere that is created in each track, and the fact that it’s done without vocals. John Emanuele (drums/keys) and Rich Cupolo (guitar/keys) build soundscapes upon the skeleton, which is drums and guitar. The pairing of synth sounds, organ, loops, and ethereal guitar parts create the big picture that makes this band very organic and unique. John Emanuele isn’t a complicated drummer but plays to suit each song. Mostly straight ahead rock grooves with sporadic fills to break it up a bit. A great example of this would be on the track We’re hitting everything.

If you are looking for a cool instrumental album to sink your teeth into then I would highly suggest A Memory Stream! Take my advise though… listen to this album on a clear night sitting outside looking up to the sky. Don’t judge… just do it!

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