Lesson Of The Week: Inverted Paradiddle Combination #1

inverted paradiddle combination #1

This weeks lesson deals with the Inverted Paradiddle and the Single Paradiddle. When practicing this exercise remember to keep all non accented notes low so that you can distinguish the two different strokes when playing the accents. Memorize the pattern on the practice pad before displacing it on the kit. Below is a more simplified explanation of the two patterns.

Download the free PDF here… Inverted Paradiddle Combinations #1

Inverted Paradiddle

R l l R l r r L

Single Paradiddle

R l r r L r l l

Groove Application

Once You have the stick heights just right move this exercise onto the kit. Place all “Right hands” on the hi hat, and all “Left Hands” on the snare. Once you feel comfortable playing the pattern between the two locations try placing the kick on every “Right Hand” to create a groove. (See Video)

Fill Application

Try placing the accented notes on toms to start off with followed by the non accented notes on the snare. (See video)




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