My Gear: Los Cabos Drumsticks – Jazz Maple & Jazz Hickory


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Diameter: .574″

Length: 16.25″

After joining the Los Cabos Drumstick family in December I placed my first order for sticks and wasn’t sure what to go with so I ordered a variety or different sticks to try. I was used to the Zildjian Travis Barker signature sticks and knew I wanted something with the same feel, and length. I got 5B’s, 55AB’s, 8A’s, and the infamous Jazz model I hear so many artist speak of. After using each model for different scenarios I found that the Jazz model suits my playing style best and gives me a certain stick definition that I wasn’t getting from the other models. Not that they aren’t any better than the Jazz but the fact that all of the stars aligned for this to be my “go to” stick.

I’m a loose player at times but precise. The barrel tip is my favorite tip for playing on a ride cymbal. I get a fatter stick definition and an overall consistent tonality with my toms and snare. I also love the length! With a length of 16.25″ you have plenty of room for reach and are able to choke up on the stick. Being a short guy you would think I would have everything close together to be able to reach but I still like to spread a few things out. I also needed a stick that could be versatile and durable for the different playing situations I face each week. I use the hickory model for my band Gathering Grey, playing at church, teaching on the drum set, and chopping out on the practice pad. The maple I use for lighter playing situations like my 50’s cover band, and any restaurant gigs that I’m hired for. The Jazz model fits nicely in all of these situations!

Be sure to go check out all of the other models over at


2 responses to “My Gear: Los Cabos Drumsticks – Jazz Maple & Jazz Hickory

  1. Hey Matt!
    Thanks for the awesome blog and I particularly enjoy posts such as this one.
    Whilst I am not a Jazz drummer, I too have found jazz drumsticks to suit my style of playing when I’m behind the kit. I’ve yet to try the Los Cabos Jazz sticks but I’m keen to get my hands on a pair very soon.


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