What I’m Listening To… Tesseract – Polaris


Tesseract – Polaris (2015)

Drummer: Jay Postones

I had first listened to Tesseract a couple of years ago when they first released Altered State. I was intrigued by the rhythm section being so focused on groove in this genre. Polaris was not a letdown by no means. This album is full of atmospheric sounds, djent style guitar riffs, and solid grooves! The dynamics of the song Tourniquet showcase all of these elements. Jay Postones and bassist Amos Williams build the foundation for the rest of the band with creative grooves that change the game. Another great element of this album was the fact that the majority of the vocals are singing and not screaming. Not that screaming is a bad thing but just the fact that you don’t always have to follow the cookie cutter to get your point across in this style of music.

Check it out and let me know in the comment section what you think.

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