Paradiddle Fill lesson With Adele Koltun


My friend Mark Powers from episode #33 got in touch with me and wanted to share something really cool! We thought this was something that had to be shared more than just one place so I agreed to blast it to my followers as well. Adele is such an inspiration to all of us! Hope you enjoy this great story, and lesson.

Just a few years ago, now 69-year-old Adele Koltun hadn’t touched a drumstick. She hadn’t even thought about playing drums. But hearing favorites songs on the radio, she began wishing that she could be drumming along with them.

A small voice in her head kept saying, “You’re just way too old,” suggesting that it was silly to consider pursuing something like that so late in life. Fortunately, her heart shouted back: “What have you got to lose? Go take a lesson!

Watch the video below to see Adele teach us a lesson in less than 60 seconds!

You can find the full lesson with PDF by visiting drum it in a minute.

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