Cheap In Ears For Drummers

Purchase the ZSTX from Amazon

A couple of years ago I was looking to purchase a set of in ear monitors for my gig at Lifepoint Church and to track drums in my studio. I did what I normally did and started searching on YouTube for videos and ran across one in particular that steered me in the path of some cheap “Chi Fi” in ears from amazon.

The ZST-X in-Ear Monitors are phenomenal and affordable. Coming in at $22.99 you’ll have to maybe cut out a couple of trips to Starbucks for the week but that would totally be worth it to have a decent set of in-Ears right?


Keep in mind I am writing this review after using these since early 2020 and they are still going strong. I play full time at Lifepoint church so that’s 8 Sundays on and one off throughout the entire year. I’ve also been using them for recording at my home studio. No problems with the cable at all! If the cable does go out though you can easily replace it since it disconnects from the in-Ear.


I was using the lower tier Westone Audio in-Ears that the church provided before and can tell you that these sound much better and have a stronger bass presence for the kick drum and lower frequencies. The top end is crystal clear and the mids sit pretty neutral. The overall sound I would say would be a slight U shape with the bass and highs boosted slightly.


The ZSTX’s with the correct size tip creates a tight seal in the ear so that there is complete isolation from outside sounds. This is a big plus for me considering that I play in a plexiglass drum cage (the aquarium). The shape is comfortable and fits my ear perfectly. I’d say I have average size ears and these are comfortable to wear for long periods of time with no soreness to my ear canals.


The only negative I have for these is the cable doesn’t have a slide clasp/tightener thingy that pulls the cable tight to the back of your head. The 2 cables coming from the ears just rests on your back and can slightly pull downward when you move. It’s not bad though cause of the fit but it’s just my only gripe with these.


I definitely recommend these after using them for the past two years with no issues. They are comfortable workhorses that sound great and if you keep them in a case and take care of them they can last you for many years for only $22.

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