Live Q&A September 28th with Rat Rod Drums, Love Custom Drums, lowboy beaters, And BC Burnings!

Live Q&A On The Topics

Join Behind The Kit Podcast and special guests Paul Milkovich (Rat Rod Drums), Buddy Love (Love Custom Drums), Jeremy and Chris (lowboybeaters), Brett Colvin (Bc Burnings), and myself to talk about drum building, design, and innovation! This live event will be via Google Hangouts On Air and We will be answering your questions so be sure you don’t miss it!

Click on the link for the live event here!

Find Out More About Our Guests For This Live Event!

Paul Milkovich (Rat Rod Drums)

Buddy Love (Love Custom Drums)

Jeremy And Chris (Lowboy Beaters)

Brett Colvin (BC Burnings)

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