Lesson Of The Week – Accents And Pressure #4 (Alternating 16th’s/Paradiddle-diddles/Paradiddles)


Accents And Pressure #4 (Alternating 16th’s/Paradiddle-diddles/Paradiddles)

This exercise is designed to warm you up and help you stretch, while still implying a level of control and dynamics. Starting with alternating 16th’s helps focus your attention on noting but rebound and wide open strokes. When introducing the paradiddle-diddles and paradiddles in the second measure you have to back off from that open feel and apply control to execute the accents and keep the non accented notes low. This gives you two different feels in a short and easy exercise that will have you warmed up in just a few. Start slow, focus on the mechanics of your motions, and have fun!

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