Exciting Things Coming Soon!

So I am moving into a new house today and I wanted to leave you guys with some really cool news for the weekend!

lately I have been sending out emails to companies all around the world trying to find different drum products and accessories to review for the drum community and I was amazed by the response that I got from everyone. As of now I already have products that I have acquired over the past two weeks as well as more on the way from some very generous drum related companies! Thank You! You know who you are. As soon as I get settled into my new home I will be doing full video reviews on each of these products to show you guys if each product can make the everyday drummers life more convenient or if it’s a no go and a waste. I’m super excited about this part of the blog and kinda nervous and the same time. Talking into a camera isn’t the easiest thing to do but I’m gonna bust my butt to make sure it’s something that will help and inspire each of you.

IMG_3956If you or someone you know has a revolutionary new drum related product that would want a full review feel free to contact me through email info@mattdudleydrumming.com

I also have many other ideas but I can’t share those just yet. Just know that I am working each day on this blog to somehow give something back to the drumming community and inspire each of you to do what you love.

Have a great weekend and be safe!

Matt Dudley

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