Best Metronome app I’ve used!



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By: Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

This is probably my most used app on my iPad, and my android phone! The app is called Tempo. It’s a metronome app that can handle any playing situation regardless of what instrument you play, and did I mention it looks sexy!?

As a drummer it’s important to have great timing and the best way to nurture that skill is to practice with a metronome. Type in metronome in either iTunes, or Google Play and your sure to find a plethora of different metronome apps. That’s a great thing being that you can get most of these applications for free and you don’t have to go out and buy some $40-$120 plastic box that takes up more space. You can just download the app and have it on something you carry with you everyday like a smart phone or tablet. But with all the different choices at hand there are so many to pick from. With that being said, why should I pick Tempo?

Tempo has plenty of great options for the everyday musician. This very intuitive and user-friendly application just makes life easier in the practice room, or in a live setting. Besides the normal features of a metronome it has a few cool features that might suit you as a player.

1. Setlists! This is an amazing feature to have for performances that demand a click track so you can effortlessly change songs and not have to make any adjustments. You also can share your setlists via email as an importable Tempo file or text file to other musicians in your group.

2. Tracker Module: With this option you can track the number of bars in a piece of music as well as time your practice. This feature can be set to a certain limit of bars and will stop once that desired number is reached.

3. Sound: Tempo has many different click sounds to choose from including an audible voice that counts for you. You can choose to pan the click left, center, or right. Vibrate mode is also available.

4. Control: Tempo has a couple of  controllers available that can be paired with the application to trigger the metronome on/off.

Tempo has made song transitions so much easier when I play gigs, or in modern church settings. It’s also cool to not only hear the click but to actually see it represented visually especially when your using a 16th note setting and trying to practice fitting in every little ghost note or kick part that’s intricate to the groove or fill you are playing.

Click on the link and try the free version to see if it works for you. If you want all of the features that Tempo has to offer then you can purchase the full version. If you already own this app then leave a comment below and tell me how it’s worked for you.


These are just a few features I’ve listed. For the full run down of the Tempo application just visit 


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