I’m a guest on episode 31 of Drumgab Podcast!

Listen Here: http://www.drumgab.com/single-post/2017/07/12/Episode-31-Rich-Ducat-Matt-Dudley

Back in February I came across a very unique drumming podcast that I couldn’t get enough of. The intro’s were appealing to my ears, the conversations were not only about drumming but covered many aspects of life in general, and if the guest had music out at the moment you could listen to a full track at the end of the episode. So much content packed into each episode! Each episode is truly a work of art.

So anyway… After listening to a few episodes I contacted the host Seamus Evely and shared my thoughts on the show and let him know how much I enjoyed listening. We made a point to connect via Skype and hang and shortly after the fact, made it happen. After talking ideas and sharing stories from my podcast days Seamus asked if I’d like to be part of a unique round table discussion about Podcasting? Of course I said yes!

So that’s where we are today… Episode 31 of Drumgab Podcast was released along with Seamus, Rich Ducat of Drummers I Like Podcast, and myself. This was a great hang and an in-depth view on what it takes to start a podcast all the way up to when it’s time to lay it to rest…

Very thankful to have had the experience and the hang with these guys! I’m grateful that someone would have thought so much about my show as well and what I was doing with Behind The Kit Podcast. These moments in time are worth recording.

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