Breaking Down The Single Stroke 4

In this lesson we’re breaking down one of the first rudiments I learned. It’s a simple concept but the technique involved to play it at faster tempos is what I want to discuss.

Step 1: Lets get the pattern down and the feel. Think of the words “Trip A Let Left”, or if you alternate the pattern “Trip A Let Right”. Say it and play it at the same time until it feels comfy.

Step 2: We need to rely on rebound and stick heights to make our strokes even at slower tempos so that we can play it efficiently once we speed it up. Try using the Full Stroke or “Rebound Stroke” like you see at the beginning of the video. As you increase the tempo you’ll notice that the stick heights lower and your fulcrum pressure increases.

Hope this helps you to play an older rudiment you already knew more efficiently.

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