Great sounding earbuds for cheap!


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So I know this isn’t drum related but it goes along with a recent blog post and I couldn’t resist sharing! A few weeks back I wrote a blog post titled Getting Away From The Clutter (Listening Exercise) which was on listening to music and observing your surroundings. Just an exercise to get you away from your phone, social media, etc.. A way to bring yourself back down and truly get away from all of the noise.

While I was experimenting with this exercise I decided to look at some comfortable earbuds to replace my over the ear headphones with. It would be easier to take these along with me and I just wanted to try something different. Looking online I kept running across the same name on different audiophile blogs and forums.. “VE Monk Plus“. The reviews stated that these earbuds would rival pairs of headphones and ear buds that were up to the $100. That was a little hard to believe with the VE Monk Plus earbuds only costing $5 before shipping. I ordered a pair..

These earbuds are great! They seem to have a flat EQ so that you are getting the true sound from whatever you are listening to. They have a chamber on the stem that seems to help with low-end and almost have a spacey sound, like you are in the room with whatever you are listening to! This is referenced as “Sound Staging”.  The high’s are crisp and not overbearing, and the mid range gives a warmth and presence that is missing in most cheaper earbuds. Besides the audio quality being top notch they are also built quite nicely! The casing is of course made of plastic but it’s sturdy and doesn’t feel as if they would break easily, and the chord is one that you might find on more expensive headphones. The Monk’s also come with red and blue foam pads that you slip over each bud to make them more comfortable for your ears. I chose to use both colors to make it easier to distinguish my right (red) from my left (blue).

If you are in need of a new pair of earbuds or are interested in just getting better audio quality then the VE Monk’s are the right choice! I am very happy with my purchase and that’s why I have taken the time to share this with all of you! These would also make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member. Definitely won’t break the bank.

You can find them here at

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