Herta Linear Lick

Lately I have been experimenting with hybrid rudiments on the kit. I try incorporating them in grooves and fills and then see if they make the cut. If not, then I have at least added to my vocabulary and learned new techniques.

This one stems from the hybrid rudiment Herta. I took a linear pattern I learned from a Mike Johnston video and attached two Hertas to the beginning and came up with this lick.

Step 1: If you aren’t familiar with the Herta then click here to watch my breakdown lesson.


Step 2: The linear triplet fill is a simple pattern based on 8th note triplets but you can change the subdivision if you like and be creative. I simply placed all of the right (r) hands on the floor tom except for the 2nd right which goes on the rack tom. All of the lefts (l) are placed on the Hi Hat except for the upper case (L) which is placed on the snare.

k r l    k k r    L r l    k r l

Take this lick and be creative with it. You can change the subdivision of both the hybrid rudiment and the linear pattern to suit your application. Also try placing the hands on different surfaces of the kit. Have fun!

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