Thought Of The Day… Perception has everything to do with where we “are”

How many times do we say “man I just want to make it”, “I can’t wait until I have arrived”. What does this all mean!? Why must we always be in a state of anticipation, a state of questioning and comparison to what someone else has done, or considers what is being successful?

A few months ago I was driving home from visiting with my parents. The sky was clear, it was a little cold out but I had the sunroof open and one of my favorite songs playing while driving. That’s normally my time to think and reflect on the day, the past, what I have to do. Anyway… I was thinking about where I was right at that very moment. I had just left what used to be my old home. Many dreams were created there, many hours of practice, and home cooked meals. I could remember saying to myself “man I can’t wait until I finally make it” while laying in my bed at night as a teenager. The thought of playing for some big act, working as a studio drummer somewhere in a big city, or on the cover of some magazine. Maybe it was the song at the time that had me reminiscing of where I thought I’d be. The funny thing is none of that has happened. Not one of those things I envisioned has taken place. Well… at least not at such a large-scale.

I haven’t made it big with a band but I’ve created music that’s meaningful with some great people in my life. I Haven’t been featured in modern drummer but a magazine that is put out through the county that I live in. I haven’t recorded in a major studio but I have recorded numerous tracks in home studios with some of the best friends anyone could ask for. I haven’t taught drum lessons at a collegiate level but I have always had drum students since the start of my business in 2003, and I have also taught drum lines for every high school within my county. I don’t make tons of money but I make enough to survive and pay all of my bills on time. Do you see where I’m going with this? My thoughts of “making it” were only an idea… a thought. Sure it has fueled me to do all of the things that I do or have done, but my happiness is found in the perception. I am able to make a living at doing something that I love. Doesn’t matter what level it is that I do it, only the fact that I can keep my passion alive, share it with others, and hopefully contribute to society to inspire and educate the next person. That’s all I want!

My best advise is to work hard and keep the dream alive. Do everything you can to push harder each day so there is no “would have, could have, or should have”. Don’t get caught up in what society labels as success. There is no blueprint, only trial and error. If you are able to do what you love and still are able to pay the bills then you are “making it”, you have “Arrived”. It’s all in our perception on what success is. Don’t give up on the dream! It might not end up the way we envisioned it but that’s the fun part. The journey. The journey is the most important aspect in our lives. It’s your journey, no one else’s.

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