Work Towards Your Goals 30 Minutes A Day Everyday!

Do you ever get the feeling that you will never reach a goal you have set for yourself because it might take too long?

This is a question that constantly comes to mind for me when I have something I want to accomplish. I have these thoughts like…

“that would be great but it would take years to be able to do that”

“I just don’t have the time”

These thoughts have passed through my mind all of my life and it’s thought’s like these that have held me back sometimes from working towards the “things” I have wanted in life until recently.

I remember hearing someone say that if I would just take 30 minutes a day to work on whatever idea or goal I had that I would see results, but I had to be patient in the process. That’s the key! Patience. I took that advice and applied it this year to this very blog. It’s been tedious and discouraging at times but I’m seeing results from applying those 30 minutes each day. Since starting this blog in August I have done Interviews with well-known drummers, products have been mailed to me to test and review, and most importantly I have made so many new friends in the drum community. That’s what it’s all about right? Community, and relationships. It has all happened from being consistent and believing in the purpose behind

It doesn’t matter what type of goal or dream you have, what matters is passion, patience, and determination. My blog isn’t famous, it isn’t the highest ranked drumming website, and I’m not making money from it yet, but it’s growing, and it’s my passion.

Make this your New Years resolution and I promise you will see results.


Have a Happy New Year!




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