Value is found in conversation not numbers – twitter and the drum community

The other day I woke up and started my day like usual. Made my morning coffee, took a shower, checked some emails, and then replied back to some conversations I engaged in on twitter the night before. Some of these replies were going to Australia, Canada, Germany, London, The United States. Almost all of these replies were about drumming and life in general to the friends I have made on twitter. Friends? On twitter? “Those are called followers”. They don’t have to be just followers.

Twitter has become my hub for learning about different cultures and people in our drum community. There are so many people from all around the world that I have met that share the same enthusiasm as I do in this growing community. I have a decent amount of followers but there are only a select few that I keep up with on a regular basis just to do what all of us drummers love to do, talk shop! I find inspiration from these conversations. I know that I’m not the only nerd out there that collects vintage drum catalogs, loves to learn linear grooves, or wants to take a stab at hybrid rudiments. There are people out there that are available and can connect with me when I mention things like that and I think  it’s awesome! Even though we picked an instrument that doesn’t always involve a team effort we can still find comfort in knowing that there are others sharing that same passion and are dying to talk about it.

Start a conversation and don’t worry about how many likes or retweets you have on a post. The mindset you want to have is to be social and find value in the conversation, not the numbers! I promise you will find more joy in building relationships and gain more knowledge of our community than just tweeting for numbers.

This is my thought for today. Hope it helps you





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